If you do not see the sprocket size that you need on the home page or "Shop Sprockets" page of this site then we DO NOT have the sprocket that you require readily available. Please do not email us asking for sizes that are not listed on the site. Our answer will be the same. That being said, if you are prepared to order 100 units then we can produce custom sizes. Please see the requirements for custom orders below.


CUSTOM SIZE SPROCKETS - There is a minimum quantity order (100 PIECES) and 45 day lead time for any custom sprocket orders.

If there is a sprocket size that is not listed on this site, we do make custom size sprockets, BUT there is a miniumum order quantity for any custom orders. The miniumum quanity order is 100 pieces. You can also figure that the cost will be between $15-$18 per sprocket for a bulk order like this. Lead time for custom orders are ~ 45 days. If this sounds like something that you are interested in please contact us via the contact form on the website.

Thank you!