Amp 420TS10HT


High performance sprocket made specifically to fit the tapered shaft QS Motor QS90 1000W Motor. Sprocket comes complete with 5mm key bar. This sprocket works well with 420 standard and O-ring chains.

This sprocket fits the tapered shaft version of the QS90 1000W motor.

Tapered bore dimensions: 14.2mm diameter to 16.5mm diameter
Keybar width: 5mm

IMPORTANT (Instructions for Installation):
When attaching this sprocket to the tapered shaft DO NOT torque down the shaft nut with excessive force. Over torquing the shaft nut on the sprocket could cause the sprocket to crack due to over expansion down the tapered shaft. Fitment of the sprocket and shaft nut should just be snug. For best fitment use thread lock on shaft nut and tighten shaft nut to no more than 10 ft/lbs of torque. Amp Sprockets can NOT be held responsible for any sprockets that have cracked due to over torquing on tapered shafts during installation.

Chain Size 420 and 428
Teeth 10
Bore Diameter Tappered 14.2mm to 16.5mm
Fits Motor
Amp 420TS10HT

Every sprocket is made with high quality hardened steel with galvanized coating to resist rust and corrosion. All sprockets come complete with perfect fit key bar.